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What’s the Time Should the Formwork Be Removed During Construction?



What’s the time should the formwork be removed during construction? We have written this passage to help you better understand the hardening of the concrete and the time for formwork removal.


#1 Load-bearing Formwork Removal:

For detailed time requirements, see Section 4.3.1 of the “Code for the Acceptance of Construction Quality of Concrete Structures”. The percentage of the standard value of the compressive strength of the design concrete cube that needs to be achieved for different components.


Load-bearing formwork, including the bottom mold of horizontal structural members such as beams and plates, shall be removed according to the strength of the test block maintained under the same conditions as the structure.


#2 Non-load-bearing Formwork Removal:

Side formwork including foundation, column and press top, and side formwork of beam and wall. When it is removed, the strength and surface can be removed without being damaged due to demolding. However, for large wall formwork, it can be removed when the strength reaches 1N/mm² at room temperature.


Non-load-bearing side formwork, including side slabs of beams, columns, and walls, as long as the concrete can ensure that its surface and edges are not damaged by the formwork removal, it can be removed.


In the process of demolding, if it is found that the actual concrete strength does not meet the requirements and there are quality problems affecting the structural safety, the demolding should be suspended. After the proper treatment, the actual strength can meet the requirements before proceeding.


When the concrete structure of the formwork and its support has been removed, the concrete load should be accepted until the concrete strength reaches the designed concrete strength standard value. If the effect of bearing the construction load is more unfavorable than the use of the load, it must be accounted for and added temporary support.


The inner mold or the reserved hole shall be removed only when the strength of the concrete can be ensured without collapse and crack.


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