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Frame scaffolding system are made of high strength tubing and can be easily assembled. ADTO Mall stocks a large inventory of frame scaffold and braces which come in lengths of 5’, 7' and 10’ to customize your scaffold to the dimensions needed for the job. And we also provide high quality frame scaffolding accessories and scaffolding tube for sale. We have over 20 years experience to manufacture and sale scaffolding, please allow ADTO Mall to quote you for your next scaffold rental.


Advantages of Frame Scaffold:

1. Large selection of frame lock types and tube sizes.
2. Easily assembled.
3. Fast erection and dismantling.
4. Safe, efficient and dependable.


Types of Frame Scaffolding:

* Mason Scaffold
* Double Ledger Frames
* Walk Through Frames
* Ladder Frames
* Narrow Frames
* Sidewalk Frames


Frame Scaffolding Accessories:

* Scaffold Outriggers
* Scaffold Casters
* Scaffold Planks
* Adjustable Bases & Stems
* Side & End Brackets
* Clamp on Ladders & Brackets
* Guard Rails, Posts & Gates
* Cross Braces
* Stair Units
* Coupling, Hinge, Pigtail & Toggle Pins

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