Construction Safety Netting is made of high-density polyethylene or polyethylene is widely used in construction sites, which helps prevent the workers and building materials from falling down and avoid possible harm to the passing pedestrians caused by the falling materials.


The Construction Safety Netting can be divided into two kinds by usage: vertical debris netting and horizontal debris netting. In the construction of buildings, vertical debris netting for safety is used to circle the building site to prevent the workers and building materials to fall down from higher places. And the horizontal debris netting is used to prevent the building materials to fall down from higher places to hurt the workers in lower places. It is also used to prevent the workers from falling down to the ground.


Features of  ADTO Construction Safety Netting


#1 Environmental-friendly, soft, anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, worm resistant, cold resistant.

#2 Easy to install due to the reinforced long-lasting buttonholes on the edge.

#3 Good raw materials offer high strength.

#4 Flexible even in severe temperature.

#5 Long service life.





Material: High-density polyethylene or polyethyleneDensity: 55 - 240g per square meter.
Length: 50m - 200m or as required.Width: 1m - 5m or as required.
Shade Rate: 30% - 95%.Color: green, black, orange, gray, blue, white, etc.
Packing: 5pcs, 10pcs or 20pcs/bundle or roll packing then in plastic bags.Customizable Package: Pack as the customer’s requirement



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