Shade Netting, which also names Shade Cloth, is a commercially available stretch of fabric that is normally draped over greenhouses to ensure they remain cool during summer. Shade cloths are usually crafted from woven polyester. But what benefits does shade netting have? We will conclude as below.


Ventilation & air circulation improving

ADTO Shade-netting, designed with small holes, allows air to circulate easily in and out. Manufactured with high-quality materials, ADTO shade netting is permeable in that air can diffuse through the materials easily, thus enhancing air circulation. When draped over greenhouses, it can not only lower the temperature but also improve the air circulation.


Lower temperature and humidity levels

The gardening fabric used to manufacture ADTO Shade Netting has one trait: reflecting lights and not absorb it. This trait allows the building structure draped by ADTO Shade netting to have less warmth, thus lowering the temperature and humidity.


Reduce the drying of the crop

Too much heat and warmth are not good for the growth of certain crops, which may lead to drying or weathering of the plants. When the air temperature inside the shade net is too high, it can suck up the soil moisture, making the crops died. ADTO shade netting is excellent in the air circulating, which can lower the temperature in the shade house.


Absorbs low amounts of UV light

ADTO Shade-netting reduced the amount of UV light that passes through the materials. Shade nets have screening materials that help regulate the UV light, thus the plants are not affected by the direct sunlight.


Protects livestock and poultry from direct sunlight

Animals exposed to direct sunlight experience dehydration, which may affect their internal organs and overall health. ADTO shade clothes can improve the air circulation and reflect parts of sunlight, resulting in a cooler and more comfortable space for poultry to live. The cooler the air is within the shade cloth house, the better the environment is for the plants.


Regulate the heat inside the shade net during summer

Using ADTO shade netting for poultry netting can help reduce the temperature and heat inside the housing structure.


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