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General Requirements For Formwork Removal



Here we listed the detailed requirements for the removal of formwork as follows.


(1) The strength of the concrete during demolding shall comply with the design requirements;

(2) Before demolishing the plastic formwork, there must be an application for demolding. When the technical record of the maintenance test block at the same condition reaches the target rule, the technical PIC can approve the demolding.

(3) The formwork and support system of the post-casting area shall not be dismantled without the approval of the technical PIC (the area after the reserved pouring zone shall not be removed).

(4) The formwork of the hanging material hole and the cantilever end and the supporting system are not allowed to be removed when the cross is forbidden.

(5) For large-volume concrete, in addition to meeting the concrete strength requirements, insulation measures should also be considered. After demolding, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the concrete does not exceed 200℃, so as to avoid temperature difference cracks.

(6) When the formwork is removed, the strength of the concrete must meet certain requirements. If the concrete does not reach the specified strength and must be demolished in advance, it must be calculated before it can be removed. (reserve more concrete test blocks, the concrete test blocks before demolding are tested)

(7) The order and method of demolding shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the plastic formwork support design book, or the first formwork shall be dismantled later, the post formwork shall be dismantled firstly, the non-bearing formwork shall be dismantled firstly, the load-bearing formwork shall be dismantled later. The principle of top-down should be strictly followed.

(8) The removed formwork must be cleaned up with the dismantling, and the removed plastic formwork panels must be piled up to prevent the damage by a steel pipe.

(9) There should be no people below when demolishing the mold, and a warning line should be set in the demolding area to prevent someone from being mistaken for being bruised.

(10) The removed formwork panel is transported downwards with careful, it is necessary to take one by one to avoid a large piece of a slump during the removal. When lifting the demolished formwork panels with a crane, the formwork should be piled up neatly and tied up before it can be lifted, otherwise, it will cause a splash in the air.



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