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Demolition of Cast-in-place Frame Structure and Column Formwork



#1 Cast-in-place Floor and Frame Structure Demolding


(1) The flow of demolition of cast-in-situ slab or frame structure:

a. detachment of column mold and column hoop

b. split side mold

c. split floor slab

d. detachment beam side mold

e. beam bottom support system

f. beam bottom mold


(2) Stand in a safe place when removing the formwork.


(3) When removing the formwork, it is strictly forbidden to use a crowbar or a hammer to smash. When removing the large piece of the panel, it should be properly stabilized and placed on the ground. It is strictly forbidden to throw.


(4) Remove the bracket, the wood should be nailed in time, piled up neatly according to the specifications. When the project is completed (formwork project), the formwork panels should be dropped by the hanging orchid (the mold material is forbidden to be thrown from a high place), and piled up at the designated place, then transported to the company warehouse for storage.


(5) When removing the lower strut of the beam with a large span, it should be removed from the middle of the span and removed to the ends.


(6) The moving parts must be dismantled once and stopped after the disassembly. If the dismantling work is broken, the moving parts must be fixed firmly to avoid accidents.


(7) For horizontal pull-up, first, remove the pull-up support, and finally remove the horizontal pull-up.


(8) There are multiple horizontal tie rods on the formwork column. The upper part should be removed first and removed in the order from top to bottom. The last link should be removed at the same time as the column is removed to prevent the column from tipping and injuring people.



#2 Demolition of cast-in-place column formwork


(1) The removal shall be from top to bottom, and the formwork and support shall not be thrown to the ground.


(2) The formwork should be gently moved, hammering is strictly prohibited, and should be stacked with the designated location.


(3) The order of column formwork removal is as follows:

a. remove the diagonal bracing or tie rod (or steel bracing)

b. remove the column hoop or crossbar from top to bottom

c. remove the mullion and remove the formwork joint and formwork panels from top to bottom.



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