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Conclusion on the Application of Concrete Formwork Technology in Construction



Here we come to the end of this passage. And we have concluded our points as follows.


The rapid development of the construction industry has made construction technology and the quality of engineering projects become the most concerned content of a society.


In the process of construction, the technical cost of the concrete formwork is low. While concrete formwork technology plays an important role in improving the robustness and stability of buildings. However, in the process of applying concrete formwork technology, there are also some skills and methods.


Before the project construction, the relevant designers are required to effectively control the position of the formwork panel, select a more suitable template shape, and then the elevation and cross-section. The size part is designed reasonably. After completing the preparatory work of this series, the technical part of the concrete formwork should be accurately marked on the construction drawing to prevent problems in the technical communication, so that all construction operations can meet the project design requirements.


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