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Application of Concrete Formwork Technology in Construction IV



2.3 Release strength


Demolition of the concrete formwork is also part of the application of the concrete formwork technology. In the process of removing the formwork, it is necessary to test and analyze the demolding strength of the concrete to ensure the concrete strength is ≥1.2MPA, and then the removal work is carried out.


During the specific operation process, the construction personnel strictly check the strength and quality of the concrete formwork, determine the dismantling aspect, and remove the formwork according to a certain demolition order. In this process, it is necessary to pay attention to the removal and the installation sequence of the formwork is completely opposite.


The panel is removed from the part of the last branch, and the part of the first branch is finally removed. In addition, the lateral support system is removed first, then the vertical support is removed, and the non-load-bearing formwork is first removed, then the load-bearing part removed.


In the process of construction of the main body of the building, the concrete formwork technology should be applied reasonably and effectively. It is necessary to strictly follow the relevant requirements, focus on the management of demolding, and strictly manage the stacking work after the demolition of the formwork. The total weight of the stacking shall not exceed the concrete formwork total load weight.



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