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Application of Concrete Formwork Technology in Construction III



2.2 About the Strength of the Formwork


Concrete formwork technology is widely used in the construction of the main body of the building. The concrete formwork mainly refers to the formwork formed by the newly poured concrete after forming, and also includes the complete set of structural systems supporting the formwork, because the classification form of the concrete formwork is different. Therefore, the problems that need to be paid attention to in technical applications are also different. The quality strength of concrete formwork also has a direct impact on the practical application of concrete formwork technology.


In the construction of the main body of the building, the better the rigidity, strength and structural stability of the concrete formwork, the better the building quality can be guaranteed. If the structural strength of the concrete formwork cannot meet the project construction requirements during the construction of the main body of the building, then some components of the concrete formwork cannot be balanced, and the bearing capacity is also greatly weakened. So when using the concrete formwork technology, the concrete formwork structure is generally required that the force is significantly greater than the side pressure and the overall weight of the concrete, otherwise, the main structure of the building will be seriously damaged. Only when fully grasp the implementation points of concrete formwork technology, the construction efficiency can be able to effectively improved.



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