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Application of Concrete Formwork Technology in Construction Ⅱ



2.1 Size and position


With the continuous improvement of China’s economic development level, the construction industry is also developing rapidly. In the process of implementing concrete construction projects, it is necessary to select reasonable construction plans and construction techniques to fundamentally ensure the efficiency of project construction. When building the main body of the building, the concrete formwork technology is used to first make the concrete formwork panels, and the relevant parts are also measured. The shape and size of the concrete formwork are accurately measured, and the corresponding formwork panel is designed according to the actual building structure form. To make concrete formwork panel, it is necessary to ensure that the concrete formwork can be accurately applied to the main construction of the building.


The concrete formwork is used according to the design drawings. In order to further prevent the existence of the formwork error, the relevant quality standards of the concrete items should be clarified, to prevent potential safety hazards. The application of concrete formwork technology has strict requirements on the shape and size of the formwork structure and the size of the relevant items. Therefore, the position of the items and the size of the concrete structure should be determined in specific technical applications.

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