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Application of Concrete Formwork Technology in Construction Ⅰ



In the process of continuous economic development, the degree of urbanization has deepened, and the process of urbanization is also accelerating, which has effectively promoted the development of China’s construction engineering industry.


In the process of building construction, due to the changing structure of the building and the overall architectural form, the construction of the main body of the project has brought certain difficulties. To effectively solve the related problems in the construction of the main building, it is necessary to apply full concrete formwork technology. On the basis of this article, we mainly study and analyze the implementation points and technical methods of concrete formwork technology in combination with the relevant requirements of construction in building the main body, and comprehensively and effectively improves the construction level and guarantees the quality of the project.


Different types and different structural concrete forms of construction projects require different construction techniques in the main construction. Among them, concrete formwork technology is an important part. The rational and scientific application of concrete formwork technology can not only shorten the construction period but also reduce the construction period. Expenditure on engineering costs and expenses has significant economic benefits. Due to the complexity of the construction of the main building, it is easy to have some problems when applying concrete formwork technology. Only when the technical preparation work is completed before the construction and the qualified formwork materials are selected in the concrete formwork, the building construction can be realized safely and formwork installation can be efficient. The implementation points of concrete formwork technology in the construction of building main body need to be combined with engineering practice to carry out specific research and discussion.


1. Concrete Formwork Technical Characteristics and Application Principles


At this stage, the concrete formwork is divided according to the surface shape, which mainly includes the curve surface formwork and the plane formwork. According to different stress conditions, the concrete formwork can be further divided into non-load-bearing formwork and load-bearing formwork. In the process, it is necessary to follow the relevant technical principles to ensure the rationality of the construction.


The application of concrete formwork technology should adhere to the principle of safety. Relevant construction personnel should install the formwork and dismantle the formwork in strict accordance with the technical indicators under certain construction systems and processes. And maintenance forms to minimize the risk of concrete formwork technology and construction safety hazards.


In the application of concrete formwork technology, we must adhere to the principle of material advantages and make reasonable choices for concrete formwork materials. In today’s market economy environment, the functions and types of building formwork materials are diverse, and the building formworks are mostly made of plastic, steel, and wood, with some fiber into it, the thermal conductivity is small, and the heat preservation performance is good.


In actual construction and application, external environmental problems are prone to change, resulting in thermal expansion and contraction. Therefore, the formwork is used reasonably when applying concrete formwork technology. The material can guarantee the construction quality of the main body of the building.



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