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What is Aluminum Veneer?


Aluminum Veneer Introduction

The aluminum veneer is a type of architectural curtain wall panel made from high-quality aluminum alloy sheets. Aluminum veneer is characterized by its lightweight, high strength, durability, and excellent fire resistance. Aluminum veneer panels can be processed into various shapes and patterns, and they can be coated with a variety of colors and finishes to meet different aesthetic requirements. Aluminum veneers are widely used in the construction of exterior walls, interior walls, ceilings, and other building facades.



Advantages of Aluminum Veneer

#1 Non-combustible, fire rating reached top level.

#2 Flat plate surface.

#3 High strength and easy processing.

#4 High weather resistance and pollution resistance.

#5 Various colors and coatings.

#6 Environmental protection, aluminum veneer can be 100% recycled, and the recycling value is high.

#7 Can be repaired, or refurbished. For aluminum veneer products with a certain service life, the color can be refurbished or changed according to the customers requirements.

#8 Complete range, hyperbolic aluminum veneer, powder aluminum veneer,anti-scratch aluminum veneer, special-shaped aluminum veneer, fluorocarbon aluminum veneer, punched aluminum veneer, brushed aluminum veneer, drawn aluminum veneer, carved aluminum veneer, dense aluminum veneer, real stone paint aluminum veneer, imitation stone pattern aluminum veneer, printed aluminum veneer, etc.

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