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What is the Advantage and Disadvantage of ACP Sheet?


ACP Sheet, whose full name is aluminum composite panel, is composed of three layers. The first one is the aluminum Surface, the next is the polyethylene core, and the third layer is also the aluminum surface. ACP sheet is also known as an aluminum sandwich panel. Aluminum composite panels are constructed from the thermoplastic polythene and a fire-retardant material layer between two aluminum sheets.

ACP Sheet Cover.jpg 

Application Of ACP Sheet

ACP Cladding is utilized for wall paneling and signboards. Interior ACP can also decorate the interior, including curtain covers and covering columns. Its used as an ornamental material in interiors like wall paneling and false ceilings. It is also used for doors, ducting, bathroom kitchens, and home or hotel terraces.


Advantages of ACP Sheet

The benefits of ACP Sheets can be describe as follows: ACP Sheet is an excellent and rigid material even though it is lightweight. The material is accessible in standard sizes that significantly simplify material transportation to sites. It is waterproof to breakage, weatherproof, stain-resistant and climate-resistant. Aluminum cover panels could be utilize to professionally reproduce the look and feel of natural wood and stone. The aluminum composite panel is much less costly than other cladding materials, making it a popular cladding option. Its resistance to earthquakes is its main advantage compare to other material covers. Its excellent thermal insulation aids in conserving energy by insulating the interior from the outside temperature. The aluminum composite panel is termite resistant with various wood cladding. Once its time has come to an end, the aluminum material can be reuse again, making it a long-lasting and environmentally friendly material.


Disadvantages of the ACP sheet

A composite aluminum panel has to be waterproof properly; otherwise, water could get into the panel during rains and ruin the color of the interior. They are prone to damage and deformations when there are hurricanes. They are less resistant to UV rays. As a result, the color could fade after a specific time. They also may lose their initial luster.

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