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Questions You Must Ask Before Purchasing Rebar Couplers


Rebar couplers, also known as mechanical splices are mechanical connections between two pieces of rebar that enable the bars to behave in a manner similar to continuous lengths of rebar. There is a range of couplers available in the market with different features, hence, each engineer should ensure that the right rebar coupler selected is able to meet the specific requirements of the project.


Here are some of the important questions you will need to ask before buying any rebar couplers:


Are the rebar couplers compliant to ISO standards?

Strength and slip tests should be carried out according to ISO standards. One should always request strength, slip test reports and product certifications to ensure fitness for purpose. It is designed to withstand an ultimate tensile strength of up to 700 MPa, thus resulting in Bar Break performance on most of the rebar available on the market.


Can the rebar couplers be traced?

Each rebar coupler should be marked with symbols to trace it back to the raw material and production batch data. Good suppliers should have detailed process flow control with accurate manufacturing drawings, hold points and QAQC measures. Process flows ensure continuity of production and consistency in quality. ADTO rebar couplers come with an embossed serial number, ensuring that full traceability exists throughout the manufacturing process from the mill, through machining, processing and packaging to supply.


Does the rebar coupler come with a chamfered edge?

Chamfered edge helps to cope with axial misalignment, providing a positive alignment locking connection thus providing load path continuity. It is also safer to install a chamfered coupler, especially when hand tightening a parallel threaded rebar coupler during installation.


Are the rebar couplers manufactured using Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines?

The use of a fully automated CNC machine ensures a highly accurate rebar coupler. This not only ensures that the thread is located centrally in the coupler, therefore avoiding unwanted bending moments, but also that well-matched threads were produced consistently when compared to manual tapping, where the accuracy and quality are highly dependable on the operator.


Is cold forging part of the rebar threading process?

The end of a bar has to be strengthened (normally cold-worked) to ensure that any reduction in the tensile (root thread) area of the original bar does not compromise the overall performance of the coupling, therefore making this type of coupler ideal in geographical areas prone to earthquakes where the formation of plastic hinges is essential for structural robustness. ADTO rebar coupler system is supported by 3 high-productivity machines which prepare each bar in sequence: clean square cut, cold working of the bar end and then threading.


Do you have a team of engineers ready to support?

It is important to purchase rebar couplers from providers who have a team of engineers ready to provide assistance from design through to the completion of your development, eliminating the typical problems, surprises and costly delays. At Leviat, our qualified engineers offer additional services to our customers from technical support, product adaptation to installation, allowing customers to reach higher productivity with less hassle at construction sites.


To which projects the rebar couplers have been supplied?

Always request for the project reference list along with the types of products and the quantity supplied, this will help you to make an informed decision and to mitigate risk before making the choice.


ADTO rebar couplers can be delivered to a diverse range of projects from national government projects, buildings, transportation infrastructures, utility infrastratures to oil and gas sectors.


In conclusion, never compromise on quality and safety, it is always advisable to select the rebar coupler with the highest standards of quality and conformance to ensure its suitability regardless of the service conditions.

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