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What is Aluminum Alloy Beam?


ADTO aluminum alloy beams Key features include:

Aluminum Alloy Beam design enables easy connection with fittings to any scaffolding structure.

The weight of aluminum alloy beams is less than half the weight of steel beams.

The strength of aluminum alloy beams is 1.5 times stronger than steel beams.

Aluminum alloy beams are tested to and complies with European Standards.

Connection by 4 bolt spigot system.


The length of aluminum alloy beam is available in 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m and 6m lengths.

In construction works, ADTO aluminum alloy beams are made of aluminum tubes, and are used in aluminum scaffolding beams for stages, roofs, lighting and stages. This alloy beam is a standard size in scaffolding, so you can use common scaffolding fittings and connectors to secure to the scaffolding frame. Sockets and spring clips are used as connectors between the units of the alloy beam. The alloy beam socket is a 450mm long, 6-hole coupling. It is made of a strong steel seamless structure, with aluminum beams held together by rivets or bolts, and welded if necessary. The hot-dip galvanized finish makes the alloy beam durable.

The advantages of aluminum alloy scaffolding beams are that they are much lighter than steel scaffolding beams and are easier to handle manually. Other properties of structural aluminum include weather resistance and good outdoor performance as it does not corrode quickly, can withstand high and low temperatures, and is It will not rust when exposed to water. Therefore, aluminum beams will last a long time without much maintenance or care.

ADTO Scaffolding is a leading scaffolding and formwork manufacturer in China. We strictly control the quality of aluminum alloy beams. From the procurement of raw materials to production, and the final delivery process, there are professional merchandisers to give feedback. You can monitor every aspect of our production at any time. If you have demand for aluminum alloy beams, please contact us, we will provide you with very competitive price and quality.

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