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Ringlock Scaffolding Base Jack For Sale


Ringlock Scaffolding Base jacks are usually installed on the ground for scaffolding supporting and balancing. Ringlock scaffolding base jacks can support a weight of 6T. They are widely used in foundation restoration projects.


Ringlock Scaffolding Base Jack is made up by three parts, including bases, threaded pipes and nuts. It can flexibly adjust the height of the construction system and is compatible with most scaffolding systems, such as Ringlock scaffolding system, cuplock scaffolding system, tubular Scaffolding System, Kwikstage Scaffolding System, etc.


The raw material used for the ringlock scaffolding base jack is Q235/Q345 steel, which has characteristics of high bearing capacity and durable. But there are some precautions when using it:


1. Never strike the ringlock scaffolding base jack with any other objects.

2. Do not out-rated the bearing capacity of the ringlock scaffolding base jack.

3. Use a jack on a hard, level surface.


For uneven surfaces, we can also use an adjustable screw base jack, which including a threaded screw jack rod, a scaffolding jack nut, and a base plate. Among them, the jack nut is an adjustable handle. It makes the screw jack base run to a different level. In construction, it is used as the foot of construction scaffolding. Adjustable screw jack bases are widely used on uneven construction ground. The level adjustment of the scaffolding on the same level is easy.


Generally, base jacks are height adjustable up to 600mm and can be installed in standard/vertical poles to support standard loads, scaffolding base jacks can spread the load capacity of scaffolding uprights. Make the scaffolding system stand more stable.


ADTO scaffolding can provide all types of ringlock scaffolding base jack for sale. In order to ensure the service life of the scaffolding base jack and make it durable, we provide three surface treatment methods: zinc plated (E-galvanized), hot-dip galvanized (HDG), and Painted. In addition, all base jacks we provide will be tested for safe load capacity in accordance with your required standard, and corresponding test reports can be provided. If you have purchase needs for base jack, you can contact us, and we can also provide customized services.

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