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How to Choose Steel Props Between Aluminum Props?


The steel prop is a supporting tube that can be used repeatedly for concrete formwork support and scaffolding system support. The steel prop can be quickly assembled by one person in three simple steps. Steel props are frequently used in many different industries, including buildings construction, factories supporting, and bridges constructions due to their humanization design and ease of assembly and disassembly.


Standard scaffolding tubes and couplers can be used for bracing thanks to the inner tube diameter. Threaded segments and slots for fine height adjustment are included in the outer tube. Standard scaffolding tubes can be braced by connecting them to steel strut outer tubes using reduction couplers. Within the steel prop's specified range, the thread on the outer tube can be fine-tuned. For maximum strength, rolled threads keep the pipe wall thickness. When the prop handle is close to the wall, the self-cleaning steel prop nut with a hole at one end can be easily turned. The strut can be changed to a push-pull by adding an additional nut.


The difference between scaffolding steel props and aluminum props


Depending on the material, the supporting capacity, and the working life, there are many different types of props.


The most popular type of acrow steel prop is made of steel and can be painted, galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, etc. They are categorized based on working height and load capacity. Steel props are corrosion-resistant and have a long service life( they prevent material oxidation). In architectural restoration, they are frequently used as supporting components.


Aluminum prop


Aluminum props can be used as freestanding struts, aluminum props are typically "strapped" together to create load-bearing towers with supporting frames because they are lighter and last a shorter time. Additionally, joining them in height is typical. When the load and height range are greater than steel columns, they are used with formwork systems for monolithic buildings and/ or civil works.


The effects of the two props differ from one another. It goes without saying that steel props are less expensive than aluminum props. While the security is the first point. Aluminum props are not suitable for supporting large buildings. Steel props, which have a high degree of stability and bearing capacity, are usually used in large-scale construction. The term "construction steel prop" refers to the best tool available for construction and the subway.

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