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What are the Characteristics of Galvanized Steel Springboard?


The steel springboard is a kind of construction equipment in the construction industry. Generally, it can also be called steel scaffolding board, construction steel springboard, steel scaffolding plank, galvanized steel springboard, or hot-dip galvanized steel plank.


The galvanized steel springboard has many advantages. Below we will list some advantages of steel planks. Steel springboard has fire resistance, anti-sand accumulation, lightweight, corrosion resistance, alkali resistance, and high compressive strength. Concave-convex holes and an I-shaped design on both sides are more effective than similar products. The hole spacing is neat and standardized, the appearance is beautiful, and it is durable. The unique sand leakage hole technology at the bottom plays a role in preventing sand accumulation, which is especially suitable for use in the painting and sandblasting workshop of shipyards. When using the steel springboard, the steel pipes used to build the scaffold can be appropriately reduced, and the construction efficiency can be improved.

Next, we will make you a deeper understanding of the characteristics of galvanized steel springboards:

1. The steel springboard has a high recycling rate, a long service life, easy installation, and disassembly, and can still pay garbage disposal fees after being discarded.

2. The unique design of convex holes on the steel springboard can not only reduce its own weight, but also prevent slipping and deformation. The I-shaped design on both sides increases the fastness and strength, prevents sand accumulation, and makes the appearance beautiful and durable.

3. The unique shape of the steel springboard makes it easier to hang and install, and it can be stacked neatly in leisure time.

4. The steel springboard is manufactured by cold processing of carbon steel, and the service life is greatly extended through hot-dip galvanizing technology.

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