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What is Related to the Service Life of the Color Painted Steel Plate?


When selecting the Color Painted Steel Plate, we mainly consider these parameters: mechanical properties, substrate type, coating weight, front coating performance, and reverse coating performance. Use, corrosives of the use environment, service life, durability, processing method and degree of deformation also are important factors to consider when selecting materials.


In actual production, the mechanical properties of the substrate are usually replaced by the mechanical properties of the color-coated plate, and the color-coating process may lead to changes in the mechanical properties of the substrate. In addition, mechanical properties may also change with increasing storage time.

Due to the different uses and environmental conditions of colored steel plates, there are many factors affecting their service life. According to the function of use, the service life of color steel plate can be divided into the following categories:

1. The service life of the coating refurbishment refers to the use time of most of the defects such as delamination and rust spots on the surface of the color steel plate, resulting in further corrosion of the substrate.

2. The limit service life refers to the long-term use of the color steel plate without refurbishment until it is severely corroded and can no longer be used.

3. The decorative service life refers to the subjective fading, chalking, cracking, partial peeling of the coating, and other defects on the surface of the color steel plate. The image and aesthetics of the building are affected, but not to the extent that the coating loses its protective effect.

From the perspective of the types of color-painted steel plates commonly used in China and the normal use environment, the service life of color-painted steel plates can generally be as follows: 8~12 years’ decorative service life; 12~20 years’ refurbishment service life; 12~20 years’ limit service life; Mechanical properties are mainly selected according to factors such as use, processing method and degree of deformation.

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