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What Are the Main Features of Color-coated Roll Coils?


The color-coated coil is a coil made of galvanized sheet. The galvanized sheet is processed after surface pretreatment (chemical degreasing and chemical conversion treatment). 

One or several layers of organic coatings are coated on the surface and then baked and cured. You can choose a variety of color paints for processing according to your preferences, and then they are commonly known as color-coated roll coils.


Color-coated Roll Coils.jpg

The main features and advantages of color-coated roll coils are obvious, and are widely recognized and used in large quantities through these features:


1. Good durability, corrosion resistance, and longer service life compared with galvanized steel sheets.


2. Good heat resistance, compared with galvanized steel sheets, it is not so easy to fade under high temperatures.


3. Excellent heat reflectivity.


4. Color-coated coils have similar processing performance and spraying performance to galvanized steel sheets.


5. Excellent welding performance.


6. Color-coated rolls have an excellent performance-price ratio, durable performance, and competitive price.

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