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Features of Steel Straight Thread Sleeve Connection


The connection method of the straight thread sleeve is to peel off a part of the longitudinal and transverse ribs at the end of the steel bar to be connected by cutting with a thread rolling machine, and then directly roll it into an ordinary straight thread and connect it with a special straight thread sleeve, forming the connection of steel bars.



Features of steel straight thread sleeve connection


High connection strength, stable and reliable connection quality. The joint strength meets the requirements of Class I joint performance in the industry standard. The tensile strength of the joint is not less than 1.10 times the actual tensile strength of the connected steel bar or the standard tensile strength of the steel bar, and the fatigue resistance is good. The joints pass the two million fatigue strength tests specified by the industry standard. Save material. Taking the steel bar connection sleeve with a diameter of 40mm as an example, the mass of the extruded sleeve is 4kg, and the straight thread sleeve is 1.1kg. The quality of the straight thread sleeve is 25% of the extruded sleeve, and the joint performance is comparable to that of the extruded joint.


The construction is convenient and the connection speed is fast. The processing of steel wire heads is factory-like and does not occupy the construction period. On-site connection and assembly operations take a short time. The steel wire head is easy to process. The two processes of rib stripping and thread rolling can be completed once the steel bar is installed and clamped. The processing speed is fast and the forming thread precision is high. Wide range of applications. There is no weldability requirement for steel bars, and it is suitable for the same and different diameter connections of steel bars in any direction.


Environmentally-friendly construction. No noise pollution, no open flame, no smoke, and dust  It's safe, reliable, and energy-saving. The power of the equipment is only 3 ~ 4kw, no special power distribution facilities are required, and no special wires need to be erected. Good low-temperature resistance. Passed -400C low-temperature test. All-weather construction is not affected by climatic conditions such as wind, rain, and snow.


The rib stripping and rolling straight thread connection technology is the first technological invention at home and abroad, reaching the international advanced level; the stripping rib rolling straight thread connection technology is an efficient, convenient, and fast construction method, energy saving, consumption reduction, efficiency improvement, stable and reliable connection quality, etc. The advantages have been favored by the majority of construction units and owners. It is a new product of straight thread connection technology.

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