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Building A New Era, Don’t Forget the Original Heart and Forging Ahead


The order of the years is changed, and the chapters are renewed day by day. We are about to bid farewell to the struggling year of 2021 and welcome the dawn of 2022. On the occasion of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, ADTO would like to extend heartfelt thanks and sincere wishes to friends, partners, customers, and all ADTO colleagues from all walks of life.


Looking back on 2021, we will be pioneering and new, not forgetting our original intention, and forging ahead. We innovate the business model, adhere to the service concept of "multi-dimensional barter marketing, create more value for customers, and exceed customer expectations", and adhere to the original intention of "ADTO people are born for trade, helping you move from victory to victory". , business, engineering, and materials fields have stepped out of their own rhythms, and various performance indicators have steadily increased. At the same time, they have driven enterprises to seek development and expand the market in groups, injecting new vitality into the winter of the whole industry chain.


This year, we have won the favor and recognition of more partners. Sany Group Engineering Vehicle Division and ADTO started strategic cooperation; top companies in the engineering material industry such as Bauhinia Coating, Nippon Engineering, Fuji Elevator, and other engineering material industries formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement with ADTO, using multi-dimensional barter to increase business growth; Maozhiye, Fuqiang Real Estate, and ADTO have reached a strategic partnership to realize "sharing and mutual wealth" on the basis of sharing resource advantages.


This year, we expanded the entire industry chain of real estate, commerce, engineering, and materials through the multi-dimensional barter model, and landing projects have blossomed everywhere. Hanshou Beichengfu·Booksellers Family, Changsha Agile Xindi, Chenzhou Anren Longxi Lake Eco-city of 250,000 square meters... The successful implementation of each project has not only solved the real estate sales of developers, reduced the pressure on capital turnover, but also contributed to The builders in the extension system signing the general contracting business, and obtaining the priority of the supply chain under the same conditions in the market, so as to realize the complementary resources and win-win situation for all parties.


This year, our domestic and foreign trade has been steadily improving, with fruitful results. We made a wonderful appearance at the 130th Canton Fair, and the on-site transaction amount hit a record high again; in the face of repeated epidemics and other adverse effects, domestic and foreign trade in building materials and aluminum formwork blocks still achieved good results. With a strong supply chain system, excellent product quality, and high-quality customer service, ADTO's sales network now covers more than 170 countries and regions around the world, serving more than 60,000 global customers, and serving more than 2,600 engineering companies, construction companies The company provides project guarantees, with a total of more than 10,000 service projects, and the brand awareness and influence continue to increase.


Years are flowing, and pragmatic and forging ahead become its ambition; the sea of times is steady and promising. Saying goodbye to 2021 and taking steps to 2022, ADTO family, a brand new journey is in sight.


In 2022, ADTO will gradually build four platforms, Fudaoju, ADTO Yiwu, IOT Mall, and Wuxiu, focusing on work-to-house, focusing on expanding commercial and whole-case projects, and maximizing the strategic value of the entire industry chain. Build an ecosystem for the entire industry chain of real estate, commerce, engineering, and materials.


From the extraordinary years to the extraordinary career. As the national leaders said in their New Year's message in 2021: "The journey is long, only struggle", which is also the spirit of ADTO, which is "opening up new things, daring to shine, and achievements are king". In the new year, we must maintain the core values of integrity, innovation, sharing, and win-win, and build a two-way-driven ship with "helping you to sign contracts easily, and to help you sell to the world easily". Sail and go far! We have the confidence and confidence to be the "market operator of the entire industry chain of real estate, commerce, engineering, and materials" to the extreme, open up our own channel in the thousands of sails racing, and sail to the sea of stars that belongs to ADTO!


We are peers of the times and dream chasers running. In 2022, let us continue to set out with new hopes and new dreams! Only fight for the day and night, live up to the youth!

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