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What Should We Do When Store Building Wood Formwork in Winter?


In winter, when the temperature gets colder, the building construction will be reduced accordingly. In winter, it is necessary to save the wooden formwork, which saves money and is also conducive to construction use in the spring of the following year. So how should wood formwork be stored in winter?


The storage place should be selected in a dry place with natural ventilation, try not to let the board directly contact the sun, and do not expose it, so as to prevent the erosion of rain, snow, and freezing, which will cause the board to deform and affect the later use.



Dry in winter, it is easy to cause fire, so pay attention to air circulation and prohibit open flames.


When using the building formwork for the first time, if it is necessary to cut and punch holes, be sure to seal the incision with a special edge sealant, and be sure to place a wooden square under the building formwork when drilling to prevent cracks in the building formwork. At the same time, care should be taken to ensure the integrity of the building formwork.


After the formwork is removed, the surface dirt should be removed from all sides with a scraper. For long-term storage, we need to apply some oil to its surface and cover it with a rain cloth during storage. At the same time, avoid sun and rain, and place the formwork flat on the ground.

Special edge sealing paint can be used to seal the incision, which can effectively prevent the template from being deformed and cracked due to water absorption; in addition, when nailing or punching holes on the template, be sure to place a wooden square under the board, which can prevent the back of the board from cracking.

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