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What is the Difference Between Ringlock Scaffolding and Frame Scaffolding?



Ringlock scaffolding system and frame scaffolding system are two mian types of scaffolding system used in engineering construction industry. Both scaffolding systems are widely popular around the world. While ringlock scaffolding system has something different against frame scaffolding system. So do you know the differences between frame scaffolding and ringlock scaffolding? Today, let us have a discussion on it.

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Apparently, there are serveral differences between them:


Ringlock Scaffolding

Frame Scaffolding

Horizontal Spacing

Max to 250 cm

Max to 300 cm

Horizontal Pipe Diameters

Ø48 mm

Ø34 mm

Diagonal Pipe Diameters

Ø48 mm

Ø42 mm

Vertical Base System

Frame Form

Pipe Jack Base Form

Connection Type

Pin Lock System

Ringlock System

Verticals Rise

300 cm

200 cm

Pipe Ends Drill

Welded by Crushing

Welded with Dovetails


Advantages of Frame Scaffolding


Since the system consists of welded frames, it can be assembled faster. Horizontal and diagonal pipes are lighter and more practical. There is no need to use a hammer in assembly. 250 cm long walking platforms are lighter. It is a more cost-effective system.


Advantages of Ringlock Scaffolding;


It is lighter and more practical because its vertical pipes are not welded. Vertical and horizontal pipes do not take up much volume during transport. Since it is not in the form of a frame in case of being thrown from a height to the ground, there is no mould distortion. More robust horizontal and cross pipes are used. Since 300cm long walking platforms are used, longer facades can be closed at once.

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