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What is the Difference between Cold Rolled Sheets And Hot Rolled Sheets?


The main differences between the cold-rolled sheets and hot-rolled sheets are as follows:


1. The thickness of the cold-rolled sheet is thin, and the thickness of the hot-rolled sheet is thicker;

2. The strength of cold-rolled sheet is greater than that of hot-rolled sheet;

3. The grain of hot-rolled sheet is finer than that of cold-rolled sheet, and the rolling is more complete;

4. The section of the finished cold-rolled sheet may be partially bent;

5. The internal structure of the hot-rolled sheet is prone to delamination.


Disadvantages of hot rolled sheet


Some sulfides, oxides and silicates in the hot-rolled steel will be extruded and thinned, resulting in non-fusion and delamination. This condition reduces the tensile force of the steel and can also lead to interlaminar cracking as the weld shrinks, which is much greater than the strain strength caused by the steel load.


Advantages of hot rolled sheet


When the steel is hot rolled at high temperature, its internal structure will change. After high temperature hot rolling, the grains of the steel will become finer, the structure will be stronger and tighter, the ductility will be better, and the load capacity will be stronger. Moreover, some of the original structures in the steel are evacuated, cracks, and air bubbles can also be completely removed by rolling.


Disadvantages of cold rolled sheet


Cold-rolled sheets have poor elasticity and general ductility, and are prone to torsion when bending under force, so it is difficult to change their shape. And its load capacity is relatively small. There are also limitations where it can be used.


Advantages of cold rolled sheet


It is easy to process, simple to operate, and can be mass-produced. It will not damage the outer protective layer of the steel, and can also produce finished products in various forms, which are suitable for different use environments. The yield point of the cold-rolled sheet can also be increased, which can change the properties to a greater extent.


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