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What is the Correct Way to Use the Scaffolding Screw Jack?


The scaffolding screw jack is a new type of building material tool. Its function is to transfer the stress and adjust the support for the overall improvement of the building, including struts, reinforcing ribs, and support surfaces. The struts are fixed under the support surface. Fixing and connection between the rods, it is provided with adjustment screws at the lower end of each rod, a groove-shaped sliding base is set on the surface of the bracket, a sliding plate is placed in the sliding base and an adjustment wire is set on one side. Adjust the end of the lead screw against the sliding plate, and the sliding plate can slide under the action of the lead screw, which has the characteristics of stable and reliable stress transfer of the bracket, and convenient adjustment of the position offset when the building is raised.


Small matters needing attention in the use of construction scaffolding screw jack:

  1. After using it, it is necessary to carry out rust prevention and rust removal on it for a certain period of time. Where the humidity exceeds 75%, anti-rust products need to be wiped once a year, and in normal places, once every two years is enough. It's easy to oil, and it needs to be galvanized to prevent rust.

  2. Equipment such as the bridge frame and the material receiving table needs to be placed in a complete set, and they should be regularly cared for.

  3. There are many trivial parts used, such as nuts, fasteners, and latches. When supporting the tower and dismantling the tower, it is necessary to pay attention to the acceptance of the accessories as soon as possible, and not throw them around to prevent loss.

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