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Ringlock Scaffolding Maintenance


In building construction, ringlock scaffolding is a very important auxiliary tool, which is more directly related to the personal safety of construction personnel. Therefore, the use and maintenance of ringlock scaffolding are very important. Today, I will share with you how to maintain the ringlock scaffolding:

1. Establish and improve the system of requisitioning, recycling, self-inspection, and maintenance of ringlock scaffolding materials. According to the standards of who uses, maintains, and manages scaffolding tools, the system of quota acquisition or leasing is implemented, and the responsibility should be assigned to the person.

2. Tool scaffolding (such as portal frames, bridge frames, hanging baskets, and receiving platforms) needs to be maintained in time after removal and stored as a set.

3. Ringlock scaffolding in use (including structural parts) should be returned to the warehouse in time, and stored in categories. When stacked in the open air, the site should be flat, well-drained, and covered with support pads and tarpaulins. Spare parts and accessories should be stored indoors.

4. The accessories, nuts, backing plates, bolts, and other small parts used in the ringlock scaffolding are easy to lose. The redundant objects should be recycled and stored in time when they are supported, and they should be checked and accepted in time when they are dismantled.

5. Carry out rust removal and antirust treatment on the components and parts of the ringlock scaffolding. Each wet area (above 75%) should be coated with anti-rust paint once a year, usually twice a year, the fasteners should be oiled, and the bolts should be galvanized to prevent rust. If there is no galvanized condition, use kerosene after each coating clean and coat with anti-rust oil.

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