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What is Ringlock Scaffolding and Why Ringlock Scaffolding is So Hot?



When it comes to buying a reliable and adaptable scaffolding system, ringlock scaffolding has become a hot choice nowadays.


Ringlock scaffolding, like other types of scaffolding systems, such as Cuplock scaffolding and Kwikstage scaffolding, is a kind of easy erecting scaffolding. Ringlock scaffolding consists of prefabricated components, each component designed specifically for its intended purpose.


Scaffold contractors and construction companies often opt for ringlock scaffolding system, mainly due to the speed of installation and ease of adaptation all types can provide.


But Do You Know What is Ringlock Scaffolding?


Ringlock scaffolding originated in America, fast becoming a global front-runner and alternative to other types of system scaffolds such as Cuplock and Kwikstage.


So what makes Ringlock scaffolding any different from Cuplock scaffolding or Kwikstage scaffolding?


Ringlock scaffolding in its design is unique, due to its rosette-type, central connector point, which permits quick installation, alongside having the ability to cater to complex geometries and provide ease of adaptation, as and when required.


Why Ringlock Scaffolding is Popular Around the World?


Ringlock scaffolding was released to the market long after Cuplock scaffolding or Kwikstage scaffolding. Ringlock scaffolding is now used globally and respected as a flexible alternative to other system scaffolds on the market.


Ringlock scaffolding, like Cuplock scaffolding and Kwikstage scaffolding, has its own unique features and benefits, ranging from its lightweight yet robust composition to its unique rosette-type central connector which permits extreme capabilities in catering for complex geometries.


Ease of installation, immense flexibility, and less need for adaptation, results in Ringlock scaffolding being a cost-effective choice for companies and contractors.



Features of Ringlock Scaffolding


Although a relatively new system to the industry, Ringlocks scaffolding’s unique design and ring-lock type connection has provided the scaffolding and construction industry a unique, problem-solving attentive to Cuplock or Kwikstage.


Robust and Resilient

Ringlock scaffolding can be used within a variety of industries, fields, and environments, manufactured from high strength, lightweight galvanized steel. Ringlock scaffolding features the ability to be used in extreme environmental conditions, on and offshore.


Increased Productivity

On an industrial and construction scale, Ringlock scaffolding offers quick installation alongside extreme flexibility. The prefabricated nature of Ringlock scaffolding permits quick installation, resulting in increased productivity when compared with the installation of traditional tubular scaffolding.


Unrivaled Flexibility

Ringlock scaffolding can provide more ability to cater for complex geometries due to its design permits an immense level of flexibility.



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