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What About The Reinforcement Bar Coupler?


Bar coupler is a cold-headed parallel thread reinforcement coupler (rebar coupler) with high-strength threads inside. In this method, threads are cut on both sides of the rebar. Depth of these threads will be half of the length of the rebar coupler. Then the rebar is revolved around. And assembly is completed. If requested, the bar rebar coupler can be assembled on the side of the short thread and necessary plastic protective accessories can be used.


System Details:


2 short threaded rebars


1 plastic protective cover


1 Rebar Coupler / Mechanical Reinforcement Coupler


Reinforcing Bar Couplers- Sleeved Reinforcing Bars


Overlapped inserts are not always appropriate tools for coupling rebars. Using ADTO Reinforcing Rebar Couplers simplifies the design and construction of reinforced concrete and reduces the number of required bars. ADTO  Mechanical Couplersprovide solutions for construction reinforcement bundles such as overlapping and welding.


Our strategy is offering more affordable and extremely safe rebar inserts as compared to the options of overlapping and welding. ADTO Mechanical Reinforcement Couplersand equipment is economic, safe, designer-friendly, and easy to apply. In brief, ADTOMall provides matchless benefits and higher earnings to customers!


In the Overlapping Method, concrete is required for load transfer. In addition, when the reinforcement reaches the zone of leakage and its diameter changes, clamping ends and the joint doesnt work. At joints made by ADTO Reinforcing Rebar Couplers, such a clamping is not needed and thus the coupler continues to take up load until the tensile strength. It delivers outstanding performance at cold joints formed between the floor columns.


ADTOMall Upset Parallel Thread Rebar Couplers cover the processes of cutting bars, upset forging, and high profile tangential threading of rebar end by using ADTOMall equipment designed for this purpose.


This method provides larger diameter reinforcement ends for thread cutting and loss of cross-section equilibrium. The ends of the rebars previously cut by rebar manufacturers/subcontractors in the field have an undulated surface.


ADTOMall recommends the utilization of professional, highly efficient, cost-effective Reinforcing Rebar Couplers which prevent intensive rebar loss and saving labor costs by professional rebar applicators.

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