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Do you Know Fast Rebar Coupler?


Fast rebar coupler is a simple and fast alternative for joining small diameter steel reinforcement bars (rebar). It is especially used quickly and on-site when the iron ore is short, or there is not enough distance for overlapping.


The system consists of an oval-shaped rebar coupler and a wedge pin quickly connects the rebars. The overlapping bars in the steel rebar coupler are assembled in seconds. The assembly is completed by operating the wedge pin with a portable hydraulic tool between the bars. Typical applications include bridge repair, road repair, building extensions, spiral reinforcement, stirrups and ties, and pile extensions.


• Minimizes the length of reinforcing bar (rebar) Prevents excessive breakage in reinforcement installations.


• No special control is required.


• The bars can be cut to an approximate size between the reinforcement bar (rebar).


• Provides in-place insertion with minimum anchor length requirement.


• Low cost.


• Fast and easy to use.


• Visual inspection is possible.


• Connections can be made in almost all weather conditions.


• Light manual hydraulic pin driver designed for minimum cleaning conditions.

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