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The Traditional Rebar Connection Method Will Be Replaced by the Rebar Connection Sleeve


The traditional lap joint, welding, and other connection methods are replaced by steel rebar connecting sleeves so that they can meet the requirements of the rapid development of the construction industry in terms of connection quality, efficiency, and operability, and further promote the technological innovation of the entire industry.


In recent years, the rapid development of my country's steel mechanical connection technology has made the steel sleeve technology increasingly mature and the cost continued to drop.


Rebar connecting sleeves are used for many underground pipelines, subway projects, bridges, bridges, etc. The function is to connect two steel bars, mostly used on rebar, and now a special threading machine and a steel bar worker are required on the construction site to complete, Check the thread head of the rebar with a thread rolling machine, and then connect the steel bar to the sleeve.


There are also many advantages of steel connecting sleeves,


Unaffected by various factors such as the chemical composition of steel bars, climate, lines, etc.;

No pollution, in line with environmental protection requirements, construction without fire, safe and reliable;

A wide range of applications adapt to the connection of steel bars of different orientations and diameters;

High strength, stable and reliable quality;

Simple operation and fast construction.


The steel bar connection port is formed by rolling, which increases the strength of the connection end joint. The steel bar sleeve is easy to operate on site. The operation of the steel bar shed is completed on site, which is convenient for construction and high efficiency. Because the sleeve is customized, now only need to roll the wire. Once, no matter how large the workload is, it is also very time-saving. There is no need for specific testing equipment. It only needs to look at the degree of fit of the socket root connection joint. The use of the steel bar connection socket is also very strong. Some reinforced concrete structures are used, which is relatively long. The steel bars are not easy to rotate.

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