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The Method of Eliminating the Fitting Gap of Rebar Thread Connection Sleeve


The steel bar connection sleeve is a mechanical connection in the steel bar connection method. It is suitable for the connection between large-diameter steel bars. It has the characteristics of energy-saving and is not limited by the composition and type of steel bars. It is widely used in construction. Do you know the method to eliminate the thread fit-gap of the steel connection sleeve?



1. The steel wire head is aligned in the connecting sleeve so that under the action of the pushing force, the thread of the steel wire head is closely fitted with the thread of the connecting sleeve to eliminate the thread gap.


2. The end face of the wire head and the end face of the connecting sleeve are pressed tightly to eliminate the thread gap. In this way, the thread head can be misaligned in the middle of the connecting sleeve, and the effect of eliminating the thread gap can also be achieved.


When purchasing steel connecting sleeves, pay attention to The difference between the end face top-tightening and the large diameter self-locking at the threaded end. According to the above analysis, whether the steel bar cutting end face is straight or not is an important process for the quality control of the rolling straight threaded steel bar connection wire head, and it is also an important link that is easily overlooked by most users.


In addition to paying attention to the cutting method when cutting the steel bar, the steel sleeve should also pay attention to the straightening of the wire head thread of the steel bar to be processed. The bending of the steel bar will cause the incomplete thread of the steel wire head thread. It affects the appearance quality of the steel wire head, and in severe cases, it will also have a certain impact on the bearing capacity of the joint.

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