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Standard for Choosing Oil Casing Pipe Manufacturers


There are many standards for selecting oil casing manufacturers, which can be divided into short-term standards and long-term standards according to the length of time. The short-term standards for selecting oil casing manufacturers mainly include product quality, price level, timely delivery, and overall service level.



Product quality


The quality of the purchased oil casing meets the requirements of the purchasing unit is a condition that the purchasing unit must consider when purchasing the oil casing. Poor quality and low price casing products have lower procurement costs, but will lead to an increase in the total cost, but if the quality is too high, it will far exceed the production requirements, which is also a waste. Therefore, the quality requirements of the oil casing in the procurement The production needs of the enterprise must be consistent, and the requirements are too high or too low are not appropriate.


Lower cost


A lower purchase price is an important condition for choosing an oil casing manufacturer, but a manufacturer with a lower price is not necessarily suitable. If the product quality and delivery time do not meet the requirements due to the low price or the transportation cost increases due to the geographical location, the total cost will increase. Therefore, the low total cost is an important factor to consider when choosing an oil casing manufacturer.


On-time delivery


Delivery time is also one of the factors to be considered when choosing an oil casing manufacturer. Whether the oil casing manufacturer can organize the supply in accordance with the agreed delivery date and delivery conditions directly affects the continuity of the company's production, so punctual delivery is very important.


Companies need to pay attention to two aspects when considering delivery time: the first is to reduce the inventory of raw materials or parts used in production, thereby reducing the inventory holding funds and other costs related to inventory; the second is to reduce the risk of material interruption and shutdown, To ensure the continuity of production. Combining these two aspects, the requirement of timely delivery should be that the user will deliver the goods when they need it, and it will be delivered neither late nor early, which is very punctual.

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