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Scaffolding in Building Construction For Sale


Scaffolding, in building construction, is a temporary scaffold platform used to elevate and support construction workers and construction materials during the building construction, house repair, or a structure or machine cleaning. The scaffolding system consists of many pieces of scaffolding planks of convenient size and length, with various methods of support, depending on the form and application.


In timber and bamboo scaffolding, a timber frame fabricated and erected at the site provided support for the wooden scaffolding planks. The timber frame may consist of vertical posts, horizontal longitudinal members, called ledgers, transverse members supported by the ledgers, and longitudinal and transverse cross-bracing. The wooden scaffolding planks are laid on the transverse members.


Ringlock scaffolding of steel or aluminum has widely replaced timber scaffolding on most construction projects. Ringlock scaffolding can easily be erected in any shape, length, or height. Sections may be mounted on casters to provide a highly mobile staging. The scaffolding may be enclosed with canvas or plastic sheeting for protection against the weather.


Ringlock scaffolding hoisting towers may be quickly assembled from steel tubes or pipes about 3 inches (8 cm) in diameter with standard connections.


A suspended scaffold consists of two horizontal putlogs, short timbers that support the flooring of the scaffold, each attached to a drum machine. Cables extend from each drum to an outrigger beam attached overhead to the structure frame. Ratchet devices on the drums provide for raising or lowering the putlogs between which spanning planks form the working surface. ADTO scaffolding may be raised or lowered by means of an electric motor operated by the worker on the scaffold.


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