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Ringlock Modular Scaffolding System



The Ringlock Scaffolding System is the most advanced scaffolding system on the market. It assembles quickly and easily, at the same time providing enough versatility to any building configuration. The centerpiece of the Ringlock Scaffolding System is the Ringlock itself, which is also called Rosette Connector. The horizontals and diagonals have special Wedge Heads with captive wedges.


Sliding the wedge head over the Ringlock and inserting the wedge into the opening immediately secures the component. There is still sufficient movements available needed to secure the other end of the ledger. Hammer is the only tool required for complete assembly. A hammer blow to the wedge transforms the loose connection into a strong structurally rigid one. As the wedge is driven, it is locked securely from any movement.


The working principle of the Ringlock Scaffolding System is similar to the Cuplock Scaffolding System, but the difference is the increased rigidity of the connections. The flat design of the Ringlock is also helping to prevent from clogging the joint with the dirt of whatever type.


There are 8 punched-out openings in the Ringlock. It is usually so, that 4 of them are the small ones, which automatically center the ledgers at right angles. The other four openings are wider, which permit the alignment of ledgers and diagonal braces at the required angles. The design of the openings varies between the Ringlock from different manufacturers. It may be so that all the openings are of the same size.


The Ringlock Scaffolds are commonly provided at the vertical members at a distance of 0,5 m. The ledgers and transoms have modular dimensions and the lengths of 17 diagonals are designed according to bay length and installation height.



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