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ADTO Frame Scaffolding



ADTO Frame Scaffolding (also called Tubular welded Frame Scaffolding) features manufactured welded frames made in various heights and widths.


Frames are supported by the cross, horizontal or diagonal braces, or a mixture of braces, to stabilize vertical members and to ensure the rigidness of the whole Scaffolding System. Brace connections must be securely fastened.


Older Frame Scaffolding Systems featured locking pins, welded to the frames. Such pins also allow to connect braces and to secure them without using any special tools.


In any system, the braces have a fixed length that automatically squares and vertically aligns vertical members so that the erected Scaffold is always square and rigid. The Scaffold is extended by adding braces and frames until the desired length is reached. Scaffold height is increased by stacking end frames on top of each other. The bottoms of the legs of the upper-end frames slide into the tops of the legs of the lower end frames and are joined together with coupling pins. Compared with Tubular Scaffolding System the Frame Scaffolding is much easier and faster to assemble, but its versatility is many times lower. It is not easy to repeat a complicated shape with this system.



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