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Points of Attention for Scaffolding



As the building construction volume continues to increase, the huge scaffolding group is likely to exist several kinds of safety hazards at the same time, a lot of accident signs, are caused by some reinforcement measures are not in place.


So what are some of the issues that need to be addressed?


#1 Settlement of foundation will cause local deformation of scaffolding. In order to prevent local deformation caused by collapse or toppling, set up on the horizontal section of the double row of peak or scissors, set up a group of a vertical pole, until the deformation area outside the row. Scissor or scissor legs must be set on a solid, reliable foundation.


#2 The deflection of the cantilever steel beam on which the scaffolding relies exceeds the specified value, the anchorage point after the cantilever steel beam shall be strengthened, and the steel beam shall be supported by steel support and U-shaped support after being tightened to support the roof. There is a gap between the embedded reinforcement ring and the steel beam, which must be tightened with a horse wedge. Hanging beam outside the wire rope by root examination, all fastening, ensure uniform stress.


#3 scaffolding unloading, pull up the system local damage, immediately according to the original program of unloading pull up the method will be restored, and has produced deformation of the parts and rods to correct.

Timely correct the deformation of the scaffolding outward stretching, do a good job of rigid pull, and the unloading point wire rope tightening, so that its stress uniform, finally release chain.


#4 In order to avoid scaffolding accidents, in addition to safety inspection, ensure that scaffolding is erected to meet safety requirements, so as to avoid scaffolding accidents to the maximum extent.


#5 scaffolding shall be constructed in accordance with the requirements for the formation of basic framework units, i.e. row by row, span by span, and step by step. The scaffoldings around the rectangle shall be constructed from one corner and extended outward step by step, so as to ensure the stability of the constructed parts.


#6 When scaffolding is constructed in the presence of a construction layer of jointing parts, jointing parts shall be installed immediately after the erection of the vertical column, horizontal rod, and vertical horizontal rod at that point.


#7 Steel pipes with different outside diameters shall be mixed in the erection of the posts, nor shall the docking fasteners of adjacent posts be placed in the same height. The staggering distance shall meet the structural requirements.


#8 The horizontal support and scissors' support shall be constructed synchronously with the horizontal bar and vertical column, and the distance between the centerline of the transverse support, scissors support, and other fasteners shall not be greater than 150mm from the main node.


#9 The spacing between one end of the wall and the decorative surface of the wall shall not be greater than 100mm in double row scaffolding.



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