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How to Distinguish the Omen of the Scaffolding Collapse?



Scaffolding is an essential facility in construction projects. While the scaffolding collapse and falling accident happened frequently in the construction industry in recent years.


There are many reasons that cause scaffolding collapse and falling accidents, such as nonstandard scaffold erection, scaffold loading overweight during the construction work, arbitrary removal of the pull or stress bar, etc. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen the safety of scaffolding construction management.


Then how can we distinguish the omen of the scaffolding collapse? There are three kinds of scaffolding collapse.


Vertical Scaffolding Collapses


1) An early sign of vertical collapse is the beginning of lateral arch deformation in the lower part of the frame and in the long vertical rods, which is visible to the naked eye but easy to ignore.

2) A medium-term sign of vertical collapse is when the vertical bars begin to show significant multi-wave arch deformation from the bottom up, with signs of damage at scaffold joints and joints.

3) The last sign of vertical collapse is when scaffolding begins to make unusual noises about joint and wall failure, and some scaffold joints and joints can be severely damaged.


Partial Scaffolding Collapse


1) The early sign of partial collapse is the scaffold of the local horizontal rod and foot hand plate obvious bending deformation and damage, at the same time in the scaffold local joint will appear cracks or loose sliding, which is visible to the naked eye but easy to ignore.

2) The intermediate sign of local collapse is to continue the damage characteristic of the earlier symptom and continue to develop, and the crack of the connector expands or slides seriously, and part of the connector begins to deform.

3) The late signs of partial collapse are the beginning of breaking or falling off of footplates and horizontal rods, and the beginning of severe deformation of the partial structure with abnormal noise.


Scaffolds Collapse and Multilayer Transport Trestle Racks Toppling


1) An early indication of toppling is when the foundation of the pole on the side of the scaffolding begins to settle; Scaffolding pole tipped slightly to the side of the transfer frame; There are initial tension and compression or shear deformation in the jointing parts.

2) The intermediate sign of dumping is the continuation and development of the damage characteristics of the earlier signs, and the upper part of the frame begins to shake, and in severe cases, the root of the upright pole will obviously deviate from its supporting cushion or position.

3) A late sign of toppling is a sharp outward topping of scaffolding, accompanied by an abnormal sound.



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