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International March 8 Women's Day: The Name of Flowers,Presenting to the Goddess


"She" is a mother, a wife, a daughter, a colleague, and an essential social role, but she is also herself. Today, countless "shes" have overcome all obstacles and braved the wind and waves to enter the era and the social stage. They bravely shine their brilliance in all walks of life and gather the irreplaceable "her power" to promote social development.


Spring is warm, flowers are blooming, and everything is revived. In this vibrant spring, we welcome the 114th International Women's Day. In order to thank the female employees for their hard work, on March 8, under the guidance of the Yuantuo Party Branch, the labor union of Hunan Yuantuo Building Materials Group organized and carried out the theme activity "In the Name of Hundred Flowers, a Gift to the Goddess" at Mingcheng International Building.


At the event site, more than 150 female employees participated in the flower concert and made hand-made dried flower fans. The site decoration was romantic and exquisite, and the event atmosphere was lively and warm.


The successful holding of this event not only enriched the employees' spare time life, but also demonstrated the high-spirited and life-loving style of women in the new era. More importantly, it conveyed respect and praise for women.


Sonorous roses, competing for youth. As the main force of Yuantuo, in the development process of Yuantuo, each "she" wrote extraordinary achievements in various positions with the pride and struggle of women and men.


It is they who use their gentleness and open-mindedness to shine a positive and optimistic light; it is they who use self-improvement and perseverance to find the direction of warmth and happiness; it is they who interpret the values and pursuits of women in the new era with their actions, and demonstrate the style and responsibility of women in the new era! On this great holiday, let us pay tribute to every amazing "her"!


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