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Connecting with Public Welfare and Conveying Warmth | ADTO Group Won the Title of "Caring Enterprise"


On January 19, Changsha Chunzhihui Special Children's Assistance Center's “Loyal to the Original Intention, Watching and Co-creating” Ten Years of Thanksgiving Concert was held in Changsha. ADTO Group was invited to participate and was awarded the title of “Caring Enterprise”.



Changsha Chunzhihui Special Children's Assistance Center is a parent school of Changsha Special Education School. It is composed of parents of special persons, relatives and friends, as well as people and groups from all walks of life who are enthusiastic about helping special persons and their families. It is a voluntary social organization. Since its establishment, the center has served more than 90 people with mental disabilities and has more than 120 registered volunteers. It has actively connected with social charity enterprises, explored the "1+5" love assistance model, and gone deep into the community to provide assistance to families with mental disabilities in need.



With the concept of "supporting people with disabilities to participate in society", Chunzhihui is committed to advocating social attention, improving public attitudes, building a communication service platform for parents, providing support services for families with special groups, and providing supportive employment information and employment services for special children.



Children and adolescents are the future and hope of the country, and their healthy growth is also the cornerstone of the long-term prosperity of the motherland. Caring for the healthy growth of children and planning for the sustainable development of children's causes is not only the common mission of the whole society, but also the proposition of the times for public welfare to be passed down from generation to generation.


Since its establishment 26 years ago, as a solution provider for the entire industry chain of real estate, engineering, materials, and commerce, ADTO Group has always started with kindness and actively fulfilled its social responsibilities. It has organized many social welfare events such as gratitude to employees' parents, condolences to welfare homes, and earthquake relief. activities, and has been involved in and practiced in the field of public welfare for more than 20 years. In order to practice public welfare in a more professional and systematic manner, ADTO established a special gratitude culture fund in 2012 to specifically help employees in the industry who were disabled or injured due to emergencies and vulnerable groups in need of help. So far, ADTO has donated nearly one million yuan to more than 100 poor students in colleges and universities.



Help the great love with charity! In the future, ADTO Group will continue to be grateful, promote the virtues of social welfare, assume social responsibilities, gather energy, give back to the public, and continue to contribute to the high-quality development of social, cultural, educational and charitable undertakings.

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