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Installation Steps of Steel Bar Straight Thread Sleeve


A Steel bar straight thread sleeve is a kind of steel bar processing machine that has been widely used in the construction industry in recent years. During the use process, we must pay attention to the installation matters, which can avoid some technical problems. Does not affect the progress of the project.



Installation steps of steel bar straight thread sleeve


1. Reinforcement in place: The rebar that has passed the wire head inspection is transported to the construction site for connection.


2. Tightening of the joint: Use the working wrench of the steel straight thread socket to tighten the connecting sleeve.


3. Marking: Mark the tightened sleeve to distinguish it from the untightened sleeve.


4. Construction inspection: quality inspection of the finished joints.


The processing steps of rebar joints are very strict and need to be treated carefully.


1. Flathead of the end face of the steel bar: The purpose of the flathead is to make the end face of the steel bar perpendicular to the axis of the base material. It is recommended to use a grinding wheel cutting machine or other special cutting equipment, and gas cutting are strictly prohibited.


2. Rib stripping and rolling thread: Use a steel bar stripping and rolling straight thread machine to process the end of the steel bar to be connected into a thread.


3. Silk head quality inspection: the quality inspection of the processed silk head by the operator.


4. Protection with cap: Use a special steel wire head protection cap or connecting sleeve to protect the steel wire head to prevent the thread from being bumped or polluted by dirt.


5. Sampling inspection of silk head quality: Sampling inspection of silk heads that have passed the self-inspection.


6. Storage for use: according to the specifications, models, and types, they are classified and coded.

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