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How to Identify Whether the Steel Straight Thread Sleeve is Qualified?


Steel bar straight threaded sleeves play the role of connecting steel bars in construction, and they are matched with different types of steel bars, so it is very important to select a batch of steel bar sleeves that meet the needs of the project, so I will popularize the identification of steel bar straight-A method for qualifying threaded sleeves.


1. There are cracks.


2. The length and outer diameter do not meet the design requirements.


3. The end stop gauge passes through the thread diameter.


4. The screw-in amount of the end-stop thread plug gauge exceeds 3P (P is the pitch).


5. The through-end thread plug gauge cannot be smoothly screwed into the two ends of the straight-threaded sleeve to reach the screw-in length.


The above five phenomena not only bring a lot of trouble to the construction but also make the project quality without any guarantee. For this reason, the technicians of the steel straight thread sleeve summarize the reasons, which are mainly caused by the following two points:


1. The material of the steel bar straight thread sleeve is unsatisfactory, and cracks appear after processing;


2. The processing machinery is not well maintained, and the tolerance is large.


In this regard, it is hoped that the construction and quality control units should follow the following preventive measures: the operation must hold a certificate, and the straight thread sleeve should be properly protected during transportation and storage to avoid rain, contamination, and mechanical damage.


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