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How to Maintain the Safety Nets?



#1 Repairs/Defects of Safety Nets


Damaged nets may only be repaired by suitably qualified staff at the manufacturer’s plant. If defects are found, protective Construction Safety Nets may only continue to be used if a qualified person agrees or they must be correctly repaired. To use the nets in extreme weather conditions, please consult the manufacturer.



#2 Faulty Safety Nets


Faulty nets (damaged mesh, defective rope edging) or nets that have already been used to break a fall must be withdrawn until they have been tested by the manufacturer or someone with appropriate specialist knowledge. Repairs may only be undertaken by such specialists.



#3 Labeling


Every guardrail Safety Net must be labeled clearly in accordance with safety regulations.


The label must include the following information:

a. Date of manufacture and name of the manufacturer

b. Net type in accordance with the safety regulations

c. Precise item designation (item number)

d. Minimum energy absorption capacity or the minimum tensile load of the test mesh

e. Number of the inspection authority that certified the net



#4 Annual inspection


On every guardrail net, there are lead seals with the same identity number on the safety netlabel and test mesh. This ensures that the safety net and test mesh belong together. No more than 1 year after the date of manufacture, the first test mesh must be sent to an authorized tester (e.g. the manufacturer). This tester verifies whether the net still has the necessary strength/energy absorption capacity and produces documentary evidence of the results. If the test results are positive, you will receive a new test badge bearing the identity number, which you then attach to the relevant net.



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