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Construction Safety Nets: Brick Guardrail Nets



Guardrail nets are used primarily for roof work. Other areas of application include working platforms, bridge building, etc. They are used to protect people who fall and fitted to roof Scaffolding or at working height on facade Scaffolding.


Applicable Standards and Net Designs

Guardrail nets are system U safety nets (a safety net for vertical use on load-bearing constructions). The middle rail is not required when using guardrail nets. The mesh size must not exceed 100 mm and rope is stitched into the nets all the way around the edge.



A. Store in a dry place. Never store near a heat source. Do not allow contact with abrasive substances such as acids or bases. Do not expose to direct UV radiation.

B. Nets and ropes should not be dragged over sharp edges.

C. Objects that fall into the net are to be removed immediately as they could injure people who fall onto them and impair the net’s load-bearing capacity.


Assembly of Guardrail Nets

Guardrail nets must be secured to the Scaffold rail. They must be kept taut and not allowed to sag. There are various ways of attaching them to the Scaffold. We recommend Isilink clips, which are already sewn into your guardrail net at intervals of no more than 75 cm (in line with regulations).



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