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Features of ADTO formwork system



Features of ADTO formwork system can be listed as below.





Safety, the most important thing in construction, has been considered while designing ADTO Formwork system. External brackets are provided which are fixed along the periphery of the structure at two levels for safe Erection and disassembly of External Formwork.





Ease in erection/ disassembly. The characteristic of monolithic concreting for all kinds of building structures gives “ADTO Formwork System” a superior advantage of speed. Seven days’ floor to floor cycle can be achieved by using ADTO formwork system.





ADTO Formwork System is manufactured with precise tolerance providing High-quality Formwork components which ensure the consistency of architectural dimensions. The sooth and high quality finished surface can be formed by using ADTO Formwork System.



Highly Versatile & Durable


High-Quality Aluminium alloys are used to manufacture “ADTO Formwork System” with the highest standards of manufacturing methods and practices enabling the consumer to achieve as many as 300 usages, under ideal conditions and proper handling.



Ease of Erection & Disassembly


A lot of Emphasis is given to the erection and disassembly of Formwork. Vertical and Horizontal members are locked through pins and Wedges. Vertical Formwork Components can be removed in 24 Hours and Horizontal Formwork Components can be removed in 72 Hours without disturbing the Acrow Props so that the Formwork Components can be used for the Subsequent floors with the second set of Props.



Easy Material Handling


The lightweight of the system ensures smooth flow of the component without the use of any External material Handling Equipment such as cranes and super decks as the Formwork Components can be easily transported to next level by a single person manually.



Less Dependency on Skilled Workers


ADTO Formwork System is made of lightweight Aluminium alloy which allows the big and small components to be hand carried and set up. Due to the elaborate Design and Drawings provided to the clients, erection old formwork can be achieved by unskilled workers with ease and accuracy.



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