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Advantages and Disadvantages of ADTO Formwork System



The advantages and disadvantages of the Aluminum Formwork System can be listed as below.





1. High-quality finish.


2. No plastering required.


3. More seismic resistance.


4. Monolithic crack free structures.


5. Uniform quality of construction.


6. Floor-slab forms removed without moving props.


7. The casting of walls and slabs possible simultaneously.


8. It doesn't require timber or plywood for construction activities.


9. It doesn't require skilled labor can be erected using unskilled labor.


10. Savings on overhead expenses due to speedy construction (10 days per floor).


11. The system becomes cost effective where there is considerable repetition of floor layouts on a project such as in the case of low-cost mass housing.


12. After the 25 cycles of reusing of our formwork system, we will reach the break-even point of the conventional formwork cost.


13. It requires no cranes or heavy lifting equipment.


14. It saves almost 50 percent construction time.


15. No need to use any timber or plywood.


16. Panels can be reused up to 150 times.


17. Unsurpassed construction speed.


18. Suitable for high rise buildings.





1. Initial high investment.


2. The heat of hydration is high due to shear walls.


3. Compares very poorly on modifications, against brickwork constructions.


4. Mass Housing projects are not as high for investing in a large number of Aluminium Formwork.


5. Fear of theft of valuable Aluminium Extrusions & sheets & hence kit not being complete at critical stages of construction.



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