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Differences Between Aluminum Composite Panel And Aluminum Veneers


With the continuous development of the market of decoration materials, aluminum panel or aluminum composite panels are widely used in the decoration materials market. Aluminum composite materials have brought the buildings vivid colors and made important contributions to the decoration industry. Do you know the differences between aluminum composite panel and aluminum veneer? And how do we choose decorative material among aluminum veneer and aluminum composite panel? We will show you the difference in this passage.


1. The surface of the ACP panel is aluminum, and the middle is a plastic layer. Its advantages are diverse colors, economical benefits, convenient construction and good fire resistance, so it is favored by many projectsWhile the aluminum veneer is a pure metal aluminum alloy plate, and the aluminum veneer has the properties of fireproof, acid and corrosion resistance, the residual value of aluminum is high, and generally aluminum can be recycled and processed.


2. Compared with aluminum veneer, aluminum composite panels almost have no recycling value. While aluminum veneer can be recycled and reused. Therefore, aluminum veneer are more environmentally friendly in the long run. Although the price of aluminum veneers is more expensive than that of aluminum composite panel, the life of aluminum veneers is significantly longer than that of aluminum composite panel. For the material characteristics, aluminum veneers are much stronger than aluminum composite panel in terms of fire protection and corrosion protection.

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