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Design Technique & Advantages of Plastic Formwork



Design technique


The steel frame of plastic formwork can be welded with 80×80×8 angle steel as a side rib, no. 8 channel steel as a vertical rib, and No. 5 channel steel as a horizontal rib. The plastic sheet is set in the steel frame and connected by bolt or riveting. A pin plate, U-shaped card, or special fixture are used to connect the steel frame with the steel frame.


The frame size of plastic formwork can be designed as 1200mm×3000mm, 1200mm×2400mm, 600mm×3000mm, 600mm×2400mm, 600mm×1800mm, etc. Besides, it is also equipped with adjusting formwork, negative angle dies, positive angle dies, diagonal braces, overlays, tension bolts, and formwork fixtures, etc.


The wooden frame of the plastic formwork can be made of 100mm×100mm wooden beam as the side rib, 50mm×100mm wooden beam as the vertical rib, and 2 no. 10 channel steel as the back flute. The plastic sheet is connected with the wooden frame by means of nails.


When the plastic template is used for the horizontal structural support die, 100mm×100mm wooden square is used for the longitudinal beam and a 50mm×100mm wooden beam is used for the transom.


Design advantages


According to the design drawing of the engineering structure, the wall, column, beam, and plate are designed with molds, and the specification and quantity of plastic formwork and fittings are calculated.


Formulate a special construction plan of the formwork project.


The rigidity, strength, and stability of the formwork and support are checked.


Formulate measures to ensure the quality of formwork, construction safety, and management of plastic formwork.


Make formwork erecting and die removal process flow.




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