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Application of Plastic Formwork



The technology of cast-in-situ ribbed slab with plastic formwork has been used in the National Library and other projects. Mature complete construction technology has been established. Plastic formwork products have been able to mass production, with a complete production process and all necessary means of production. Plastic formwork can be used in large space public buildings, industrial workshop construction. The cast-in-place ribbed floor slab with plastic formwork can save steel and concrete compared with general conventional formwork. Plastic formwork use no wood reduces the cost by 1/3 and shortens the construction period.


Bridge Engineering Application


The application of plastic formwork in bridge engineering can greatly reduce the construction cost of Bridges. At present, the bridge construction, especially the construction of a concrete cast-in-place beam, has a high demand for the formwork and a large amount of it. The rent or purchase of the formwork often requires a large amount of project money, which accounts for a large proportion of the measuring fee.


Now, in the construction of the box girder, in order to save steel, the curved part uses the steel mold, the linear part use the bamboo plywood or iron-coated wooden mold. During the construction, the joints should be processed. Using the overall plastic formwork will save steel, reduce the cost, and will reduce the construction steps, speed up the construction progress, the box girder appearance quality will also be greatly improved.


When the box girder is installing the core die, the operation space is limited and the construction progress is slow. If the core die adopts the plastic template with creases and the convenient support for disassembly, the working strength of operators will be greatly reduced and the construction speed will be accelerated. Moreover, due to the good flexibility of plastic formwork, easy stripping, after folding, it can be easily extracted from the reserved holes, which will also speed up the construction progress of the box girder, reduce the number of construction personnel.


The plastic template will have a broad prospect of application in the construction market by its high intensity, the simple craft, economical, easy demolding, as well as good plasticity.  The use of a plastic template can greatly reduce the construction cost, speed up the construction speed, improve the quality of engineering. Due to its repeated high utilization at the same time, using plastic formwork will save a lot of resources for the state and society.



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