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Coronavirus: ADTO Offers Medical Masks to Fight Pandemic


As the global spread of COVID-19 accelerates, surgical masks are in short supply. After more than two months of struggling to fight the pandemic, China's mask production capacity has been stimulated.


Two months ago, masks from different countries were shipped to China by air and cargo. Now it's the other way around.


The future of mankind is connected closely because of the process of globalization. With the pandemic spreading rapidly and widely, we must solve the problem relying on the connection.


As the world's factory, China has a complete mask supply chain industry, from polypropylene raw materials to melt-blown cloth and mask equipment. According to Lei Limin, chairman of the Health Protection Products Committee of the China Textile Business Association, the number of masks produced in China each day reached 180 million at the end of February, a figure that continues to grow. Large companies are also getting in on the act, with the BYD Auto on March 12th reporting a daily production capacity of 5 million masks, which is growing at a rate of 300,000 to 500,000 a day.


Since the second week of March, foreign trade orders have shot up. In Changyuan County, the so-called "capital of medical devices, " a mask factory director said the factory was working 24 hours a day and had not stopped since February, "unless the machine is broken or the power is out. "

There are roughly three categories of demand received by mask producing enterprises. First, a large number of orders from abroad; Second, domestic companies want to buy to do donations, such as Alibaba; Third, the foreign government through the National Labor Insurance Association. These orders are ultimately received by foreign hospitals or public systems.


Some of our customers keep inquiring if we have sources of masks since the start of March for the COVID-19 spreading more quickly. As for the global pandemic and the bad situation of foreign trade, we decided to offer medical supplies such as surgical masks, disposable gloves, protection suits, safety goggles, infrared thermometer, etc.. All the medical products come with certifications of CE, FDA, NIOSH, etc. and are supplied from factory directly. If you have any demands on medical products, please feel free to contact us at info@adtogroup.com.

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